7 Areas to Grow Deeper In During 2023

One of the beautiful things about the start of a new year is that it is a great opportunity to examine yourself and find areas in which you need to grow. Below are 7 areas to grow deeper in during 2023:

1. Dependance on God through His grace.

Nothing we attempt or do for the Lord apart from dependance on Him is worth anything. Our first step in growth must be daily dependance on Christ to bring about the growth.

2. Knowledge of God through His Word.

We can only worship God as accurately as we know Him accurately. We need God's Word to daily shape our knowledge of Who He is and our understand of how to live Godly lives. His Word is always first and foremost.

3. Communion with God through prayer.

If our first step in growing closer to the Lord is planning and not prayer, we need to shift our priorities. This goes back to #1 on being dependent on the Lord in everything that we do. We must daily commune with the Lord through prayer.

4. Fellowship with God's people in community.

We weren't created to live out our faith alone. We are adopted INTO the family of God. We need others around us who can sharpen, challenge, hold us accountable, intercede, and worship with us daily.

5. Investment into others through discipleship.

Salvation flips our world upside down. We aren't saved in order to lavish in our blessings and gifts. Regeneration creates a desire to pour into and serve others, desiring that they would cherish Christ and find forgiveness in Him.

6. Boldness in living on mission through God's Spirit.

For those in Christ, we have the Spirit of God living inside of us Who empowers us to boldly proclaim the gospel in the midst of persecution and unpopular belief. Ask God to give you a supernatural boldness.

7. Love by sacrificing for the lost and hurting world around us.

God has sheep that are waiting to hear and receive the gospel. There are people hurting who need Christlike love to show them hope in their trial. Let us serve others the way Christ served and laid down His life for us.


Below are some recommended resources to help you grow in your knowledge of God during the new year:

Bible Reading Plans:
1. Navigators Bile Reading Plan Download PDF
2. ESV Daily Bible Reading Plan Download PDF
3. Chronological Bible Reading Plan Download PDF

Daily Devotionals:
1. The New City Catechism Devotional Amazon Link
2. The Heart of the Reformation Amazon Link
3. Knowing Jesus Ministries Devotional Access Here

1. The Knowledge of the Holy - A.W. Tozer Amazon Link
2. Taking God at His Word - Kevin DeYoung Amazon Link
3. Surviving Religion 101 - Michael Kruger Amazon Link

Through dependance on the Holy Spirit let us seek to grow deeper in knowing God and making Him known in 2023!

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Thanks for the encouragement to focus on Christ through His word this year! I appreciate that it’s not just fitness that keeps this community strong, it’s our union with Christ!

Eric December 30, 2022

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